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Astro’s New Location and Schedule

Camille Park, Cayatano Entrance, Napa

Saturdays Only, 9 am to 2 pm


In a tiny alcove off Cayatano Drive,

Off Shurtleff, west side, and hidden from joggers.

It’s just across from 1142 Cayatano Drive. It’s a sneaky little spot. We are there for 9 am Puppy classes, small dogs, obedience and a short course for agility dogs that must have an off-leash recall. All Astro students with existing appointments at any class may exchange these classes.

For all of our Agility dogs we ask you to hang tight or join an obedience class. We have many hopes for a full-time location and will soon be announcing an all day full agility event at Kennedy Park until we get settled.

The area is shaded, has seating, a private fenced off area, fresh mown grass, we are just missing a porta potty! Treats and drinks provided as always.

Here is the new Saturday only Schedule:

9 am Puppies: 6 mos to 10 months, must have 3rd Parvo

10 am. Little Dogs: Up to 20 pounds, any age.

11 am. Obedience. 12 months and older, must have all shots.

12 - 1:30 pm: Agility dogs that can run off leash with recall. Obstacles include tunnels, seven jumps, teeter, small A-frame, small walk, table, and weaves.

1:30 pm Special appointments for CGC certifications and therapy dogs, plus assignments for one-on-one trainings and obedience trainings.

* You can see the main park from Shurtleff, but Camille Park is L-shaped to the west and we are on the westward L, accessible off a side street called Cayetano, with one street sign, and an organic fruit stand on the other side of the street. Astro’s van is always right at the entrance. Walk on in, sit right down, baby let your hair hang down, and have a good ol’ time again until we settle into our permanent digs.

** When we resume a new larger location we will resume holding our full spectrum of canine courses, and more, but for the winter interim will be holding a reduced number of classes until we transition to our new facility.