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This is an outdoor puppy paradise that greets your dog’s hyper-sensitive nose with joyous aromas of free, happy, running, playing canines safe with their favorite people and toys and treats. Using only positive reinforcement there is not a sniff of fear, hurt or anger.

It is for dogs: The Place of Happy Pee! The Greatest Place on Earth! 

In addition to Agility from Beginning to Advanced for AKC, NABBA and CPE, we also teach all levels of obedience training from puppy, through obedience and behavioral modification. We teach special communication classes and socialization classes, and this year head trainer Laura Dayton is introducing her innovative Sniff and Fetch course to teach your dog to locate those nuisance personal belongings like keys and iPhones that you keep putting down and forgetting where they are.


Astro's Is Just AGILITY

We will continue to offer one puppy class, and one entry-level agility class where we will address obedience issues such as lack of focus and leash pulling, but we are putting our focus where we EXCEL: AGILITY TRAINING.

Our classes will continue to offer you the fastest route to training your dog on a full course. We will continue to include socialization and make FUN the main factor in your dog’s early agility training. When or if you want to trial, ask about our more serious classes, but Astro’s Agility is designed to give you and your dog an exciting, fun, heart-pumping workout in just a few minutes that stimulates both your muscles and mind.

Our motto is always: Have fun or go home!

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We Are Unlike Any Other Dog Training

We are first and foremost an Agility School will teaches a bond between human and dog in a game that can be played for years. It requires mental and physcial stimulation while also establishing the basic obedience skills of sit come and stay.

An AKC facility, from puppy to tricks or fit dog, all our courses are designed to lead your dog to earn his Canine Good Citizenship (CGC) a must-have certificate for all dogs in today's society who want to travel and stay in hotels and rent. I will evaluate dogs for these certificates after one year.

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We love our two-legged and 4-legged clients.