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Hups, Jumps and Overs

The most common obstacle on the course, whether a double, single, winged, closed, or broad jump is most often called a "hup," although others call it a jump, over, up or through. The one exception is the tire, which is called the "tire" altho some may call it a tire-hup or tire-through.


Handlers call them both tunnels, but to themselves may call a straight tunnel clear and a curved tunnel black since the dog can't see out the other side.

Board Walk

Usually referred to as just the Walk although some call it the plank or the Boardwalk. This is one of the obstacles that the dog must make contact with his feet on the descent or risk disqualification. The width of the plank is 12 inches.

The Steeple

The A-Frame is often called Climb-It, Steeple or A-Frame and is usually approached with a running start. Due to its wide width big dogs really move with some speed on this obstacle, many times costing them dearly if they do not place one foot inside the yellow on the descent!

The Weave Poles

Although called many names in training, these are the toughest of the obstacles to master with the coveted bunny-hop speed. Astro uses the two-two method and promises results in eight weeks. Handlers most often call these the Weaves.

Teeter Totter

This 12-inch board can be a tough one to teach because the dog must learn the point at which its body starts to lower the board, than stop and lower it slowly to safely. Handles call this the Teeter, the See-Saw and the Totter Board.


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About Us

All Dogs Love Agility


All dogs (almost) love agility. There is a one-of-a-kind bonding that occurs between dogs and handler and when you hit the groove you enter a new level of dog and human understanding. This sport is fun for off and on (dogs never forget) or for a life time new passion.

Agility and A Whole Lot More


Agility training is best in the early morning and early evening. The warm parts of the day best for good leash manners, general obedience AKC CGC, tricks, puppy classes and some behavior modification short practice runs at agility.

A Private Park of Your Own


Almost 100 x 100 square feet of fenced in artificial turf allows your dog to run free of fox tails, burrs, gopher holes and snakes. On top of 7 inches of drainage soil we stay dry in the rain and offer a little bit of cushioning on landings. As clients, everyone can use the course free for practice--a happy place for dogs.


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